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  1. 1. Add A Friend-Exclusive Promotional Code
  2. 2. Show How Well Your Business Is Doing - With Real Numbers!
  3. 3. Include A Call To Action
  4. 4. Show Your Tweet
  5. 5. Tell People You Are Actively Hiring
  6. Conclusion

5 Creative Ways to Use Email Signatures

Have you ever spent time crafting an email that hits all the right points, is easy to read, and has a clear message, only to come to your email signature and think, “why do I even bother having this?” It’s common to think that email signatures are often overlooked, contain redundant information, and who even reads them anyway? But email signatures are actually a fantastic (and well-hidden) opportunity to grow your business.

Email was invented over four decades ago, and it remains one of the most used communication tools today - On average, people check their emails 74 times and send out around 100 emails every day. This report shows email is still growing after all these years, which is quite impressive considering how fast technology becomes obsolete nowadays.

A platform so widely adopted, and one that you use every single day, should always be pushing your key messages beyond the individual subject of each email. An effective way to communicate those messages is with a carefully crafted email signature. Not only should your email signature look professional, it can be leveraged to promote and market your business if you use some creativity.

Here are 5 ways to add some spice to your email signature:

1. Add A Friend-Exclusive Promotional Code

Everyday you send emails to people you are doing business with, such as your customers, vendors, partners, distributors, and users. These are people who already believe in your business, so why not make it easy for them to become your evangelist? Include a promotional code specific to your email recipients - make them feel special, encourage them to share the code to those they believe can benefit from your product or service, and urge them to take action by creating a referral campaign. This is an effective way for you to add value to each email interaction with your key groups.

You may have different targeted groups you want to send an unique promotional code to, such as customers that buy your product in bulk or customers that you would like to encourage to purchase a complementary product or service. This is where you can create email signature templates to target the right customer and drive up your sales.

2. Show How Well Your Business Is Doing - With Real Numbers!

Showing how fast your business is growing has two benefits: It makes your existing customers happy because they feel they have a front-row seat on the rocket, and it makes your potential customers anxious because they are not onboard yet. With some engineering power, you can create an email signature that automatically includes your growth matric - number of new sign-ups, number of subscriptions or purchases and more. Even if the usual readers don’t notice your numbers at first, as they receive more emails from you, they will eventually see the upward trend and feel impressed. Who knows, they may even ask you for a demo!

A side benefit to this approach is that by updating this number in every email that goes out, your team will have to deliver a measurable jump constantly. This level of transparency can serve as a great incentive for your team to stay focused on what’s important.

3. Include A Call To Action

Oftentimes opportunities for your business are missed because of a simple reason: you never asked. Include a specific call-to-action in your email signature so you don’t miss that opportunity - ask them to download your app, sign up for a free account, write a review, or follow you on social media sites!

Since an email signature is at the end of every email as an add-on, this is an effective and not overly-assertive approach to invite your email recipients to take action. However, this also means your email signatures must be eye-catching enough to draw the reader’s attention to it, have a distinct message that clearly conveys the purpose, and succinctly communicate to your readers the benefits they can get from the call-to-action.

4. Show Your Tweet

Social media is a great platform to connect with your potential customers. Twitter has become more and more popular in recent years for users to share brief updates, making the content easy to digest and share. If your company has a Twitter account, embed a tweet to your email signature to add some personality into your message. Pick the tweet based off your needs. For instance, if you’re growth-driven, use tweets that feature your products or services to further promote exposure.

What if your company has too many tweets that look ideal and you are not sure which one to pick? Look for how many people commented on the tweet, how many re-tweets it got, and how many people liked it. Tweets with high engagement are good choices to add to your email signature.

5. Tell People You Are Actively Hiring

It is no secret that referrals are the best way to hire, so why not include an email signature that asks people to refer great talent to you? Since your email often goes out to people that understand your business, culture, and challenges, letting them know about the positions available and what kind of talent you’re looking for is a great way to grow your team and get extra value out of your email interactions.

The one challenge associated to this is that there is simply no space in your email signature for all the information you want to include. This is why Jobalaya created Jobalaya Referral Bullhorn, which allows you to create a personal “Hiring Page” to describe the talent you are looking for, and automatically generates a clickable email signature to be embedded in your email template. The best part of this is that people can forward this email again and again without losing context - anyone can always click on the email signature, and find out what positions you are searching talent for.

With Jobalaya Referral Bullhorn or not, you should always consider including a recruitment message in your email signature. After all, your business will never grow if you don’t have a strong team.


It is precisely because email signatures are an overlooked feature that, once tapped, it might give you a slight edge over your competitors. By adding creative email signatures, you can turn your emails into tools to engage with your customers, promote your products and services, build brand awareness, and grow your business.

James Free
James has a background in marketing and international business. With experience in working in international relations and connecting with stakeholders globally, James has helped organise various business development and career seminars for industry professionals to learn more about target overseas markets. He has also coordinated events in networking and foreign investment for other countries.