6 Ways to Attract and Hire the Best Talent For Your Startup

Whether it’s fundraising, product development, or growth, creating a strong team for your startup is one of the most important things you will do. In startup recruiting, attracting and hiring the best talent is critical to your success. But how can you accomplish this?

The best place to start is with something all companies should develop - a mission and vision statement.

1. Show Your Company’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Companies that have a mission and vision statement tend to have a defined purpose. Employees like to work for a company that contributes to something meaningful. It is no secret that having a vision that people feel they can support increases employee motivation.

But what exactly are a company’s mission, vision, and core values? Because they sound like the same fluffy things, startups often dismiss them all together. However, establishing company mission, vision, and core values actually creates a company culture that attracts the best talent. Let’s have a closer look at each of them:

  • Mission Statement: This is the ‘what’ of a company. An effective mission statement tells candidates what you do, and can attract individuals who enjoy such work.
  • Vision Statement: A vision statement outlines your goals and shows the destination your startup is heading toward. If goal-oriented candidates identify with your company’s vision, they can be lured over and retained for longer.
  • Core Values: Core values help inform employees of the ‘how’ in your company. These core values allow your employees to function without consulting their bosses for every move they take - so long their actions follow your company’s core values. This can attract like-minded individuals who are more process-oriented.

By clearly defining your mission, vision, and core values, you can more effectively engage with a variety of potential employees.

2. Build and Promote Your Brand

Many people define themselves based on the work they do. Since their work shapes their own personal identity, having a brand for your startup that people like to associate with can be a real asset in recruitment.

As a startup, you have great control in shaping your company’s identity and image.To develop your company brand and its personality, think about how you want consumers to feel. What is the personality of your brand - is it an youthful brand full of energy or a family-oriented brand that celebrates the whole family getting together? If your brand’s identity aligns with potential new talent then they will be motivated in joining your team and developing your company.

If your company doesn’t have a strong brand yet, try building your personal brand to attract the best talent. People like working with other great talent, so make your great talent known to your candidates. However, building a personal brand isn’t about shouting your name from the rooftops, as Sheryl Sandberg states; it’s about having a voice and advocating your belief. Authenticity is important here.

3. Provide Value and Benefits for Your Team

Startups may start off with limited resources and capital, but providing employee incentives and wellness programs aren’t just for the larger companies. There are manageable ways in offering employees benefits without having to stretch your company’s funds.

Some common practices are stock options or a flexible work arrangement. Attractive stock options can draw the attentions of top talent in your industry. As they’re now invested in your company, they’ll likely stay with you for longer too. People also like flexibility in work - such as the ability to work remotely or 4-day work week - as it reinforces the idea of a work life balance, something that is very appealing to many professionals nowadays. Remote work isn’t offered by many traditional companies and can be a powerful point of difference when attracting talent to your business. Just make sure you are hiring the right talent for remote work.

4. Offer Stimulating and Unique Projects

Talented and high-skilled professionals like to be challenged in the workplace. Offering projects that align with your employees’ career goals will motivate and stimulate them, increasing their loyalty and strengthen your company culture. You can also get creative with typically boring tasks, such as changing the way your employees brainstorm.

5. Take Advantage of Events and Networking

Don’t underestimate networking opportunities to connect with new people and create new opportunities for your business. In-person interactions are great for building relationships with both potential users and job-seekers.

Explore networking and startup events in your area. Attending one in your industry to find the best talent with the right domain expertise. You can directly pitch your company to people from a position of trust, making your message more effective, and addressing any concerns or questions right away.

6. Use Tools to Optimize Your Recruiting Process

There are many online tools - in addition to job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed.com - today to ease the recruiting process. Jobalaya offers a few tools you can consider:

1. An Email Signature That Helps You Hire
Email signatures are a great opportunity to get your message out to your readers, and the message can be about anything - your business needs, a time-sensitive coupon, or a message that you are currently hiring. By letting your contacts know you’re looking to hire, they may recommend your next star employee. You can generate such email signature with our Referral Bullhorn.

2. A Tool That Helps You Generate More Referral Leads
Jobalaya offers a tool specifically designed to help startups gain more leads through referrals. We know that startups love to recruit through referrals, but referrals rarely generate enough leads to fill all the openings. Jobalaya helps you launch a referral program that can help you generate more recruitment leads.


Hiring the best talent is always a priority for startups, and it is no easy task. Be sure to put yourself in the shoes of potential candidates, offer them relevant information and interesting, meaningful work, build a strong company brand, and leverage smart recruitment tools to save you time and efforts.

James Free
James has a background in marketing and international business. With experience in working in international relations and connecting with stakeholders globally, James has helped organise various business development and career seminars for industry professionals to learn more about target overseas markets. He has also coordinated events in networking and foreign investment for other countries.