How to Earn More Referral Bonuses with Jobalaya

Note: We’ve launched a new version of Jobalaya, so the content here might not be applicable anymore. See here for the update we’ve made.

A referral bonus is an award given to someone who helps a company recruit new talent through referrals. While many companies have referral programs in place, people who have successfully earned referral bonuses remain small in number. In fact, many people we’ve spoken to consider referral bonus a revelation - things that happen but only to others. Like winning a lottery.

The thing is, if earning a referral bonus is comparable to winning a lottery, it’s certainly not doing a good job incentivizing people to make more referrals. This might partly explain why 75% of referral programs are short of meeting their goals.

Jobalaya believes in a future where referrals become the dominant channel for recruitment. In other words, we’d like to see referrals happen a lot more often, which calls for an incentive system that, well, incentivizes. This is a critical objective we had in mind when building Jobalaya: How do we get more people to earn more referral bonuses more easily and more consistently?

This post explains how you can use Jobalaya to do just that.

Why Is It So Hard to Earn Referral Bonuses?

Let’s first look at the top reasons why there aren’t more people earning referral bonuses. Here are some comments we heard from professionals on this very topic.

1. My company doesn’t offer referral bonuses.

If you work for a company that does not offer referral bonuses, you are out of luck.

2. I have no idea if my company offers referral bonuses.

Even if your company has a referral program, you might not be aware of it. It’s also likely that you have no clue which job openings are available to accept referrals and the accompanying reward.

3. I am not qualified to get referral bonuses even if I help.

A successful referral can take a few layers of introduction, but only one person will receive the bonus. In most cases, that would be the employees, since most companies limit their referral programs to those on their payroll. It doesn’t matter that you’ve helped in the process - if you are not the person submitting the final leg of referral, you get nothing.

4. I’ve referred some people, but I never know if they ended up getting hired.

Recruitment process can be long and less than transparent. Most referral programs only reward bonuses after a candidate is hired, which can take months to conclude. It is not uncommon that by the time the candidate is hired, both the company and the referrer forget about the referral bonus.

5. I don’t know a lot of people that I can refer.

Sometimes the trouble of earning referral bonuses comes from the supply side. It’s hard to make a referral happen if the people you know are not in the right industry or function, are not actively looking for jobs, or simply don’t know that you can help make a referral.

Earning referral bonuses, like everything else related to money, follows a basic economics concept: the law of supply and demand. In this case, job candidates are your supply, and companies offering up referral bonuses are your demand. To earn more referral bonuses, you can do two things: supply more talent, or earn bonuses from more companies.

With that said, here are the steps you can take to increase your chance of earning referral bonuses using Jobalaya.

Step 1. Build Up Your Personal Job Board

On Jobalaya, every user has their own personal Job Board.

As you can see from the screen capture above, your Job Board is a curation of all the job opportunities you can access and make referrals for. A key information listed with each job opportunity here is how much referral bonus you can possibly earn (sometimes that number is zero).

There are three ways you can fill up your Job Board.

Add job posts on your own.

If you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, you’ve definitely seen posts like this by a friend on social media:

You can collect these job opportunities to your Job Board. These opportunities will probably yield no referral bonus (see reason #3 above), but it’ll be helpful to your followers (more on this in step 2).

Become a referrer for companies.

The better (and more well-paid) method to fill up your Job Board is to become a referrer for companies that offer referral bonuses. All you need is an invitation from the company recruiter.

Once you are a referrer for a company, your Job Board will automatically sync up all the job openings posted by the company recruiter. If referral bonuses are in play, you’ll see them on your Job Board as well.

Become a downline for other referrers.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know a ton of in-house recruiters who can invite us to become direct referrers for their companies. What you might have though, are friends who can invite you to become their downlines.

When you are someone’s downline, your Job Board syncs up with theirs. This means all the job opportunities they have on their Job Boards show up on yours as well. You’ll also get to earn referral bonuses from their connected companies, albeit at a different rate.

Step 2. Have Friends Follow Your Job Board

Now that you’ve filled your Job Board with some great opportunities, invite all your friends to follow a simplified version of your Job Board with all the bonus information stripped out.

If a job-seeking friend likes an opportunity on your Job Board, they can send a referral request to you directly using Jobalaya.

Whenever your Job Board takes on more job opportunities, your followers will receive a notification too. Convenient, eh?

Step 3. Invite Others to Become Your Downlines

What if you don’t know any suitable candidate for the job openings listed on your Job Board? You ask for help. Invite friends to become your downline referrers, and they’ll get to earn some bonuses with you.

Can Jobalaya Really Help You Earn More Referral Bonuses?

Now that we’ve explained how Jobalaya works, let’s circle back to the challenges we discussed earlier when it comes to earning referral bonuses. Will Jobalaya face the same issues?

1. My company doesn’t offer referral bonuses.

With Jobalaya, simply find another company that does and become their referrers.

2. I have no idea if my company offers referral bonuses.

Your personal Job Board makes it easy to track which job openings need referrals and the bonuses associated with them.

3. I am not qualified to get referral bonuses even if I help.

Jobalaya helps companies set up a multilayer referrer network. If a candidate is hired through referrals on Jobalaya, every referrer who participated will get a cut of the referral bonus.

4. I’ve referred some people, but I never know if they ended up getting hired.

Jobalaya notifies you when a candidate is hired so that you’ll never miss a referral bonus payment again.

5. I don’t know a lot of people that I can refer.

Invite more friends to become your downlines so they can help you find the best candidates.

Start working on your personal Job Board and earn yourself some extra income by creating your free account here! If your company is not on Jobalaya yet, definitely consider talking to your HR about setting up a free company page here, or show them this online brochure for more information.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us or follow our blog for more tips.

Ellie Chang
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