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  1. 1. Your Personal Job Board
  2. 2. A Different Way to Earn Referral Bonuses
  3. 3. Set Up a Company Account
  4. 4. Search for Friends and Companies
  5. 5. Tutorials!

Jobalaya Product Update - April 2018

Note: We’ve launched a new version of Jobalaya, so the content here might not be applicable anymore. See here for the update we’ve made.

I’d love to share with you some of the things we’ve been working on at Jobalaya. Believe it or not, you helped make all these work possible by using our service, so thank you! I hope you’ll find these new features exciting and check them out yourself.

1. Your Personal Job Board

First things first, you now have your very own personal Job Board on Jobalaya! It should make your life as a referrer easier. Just like any career job board, your personal Job Board is a place for job listings, but it focuses on listing only the opportunities you can refer your friends to.

Here’s why having your personal Job Board is helpful:

  • Clarity in money: You’ll see how much bonus you can earn for each referral
  • One stop shop: Everything referral-related can be stored and managed in a single place
  • Direct friends to a single place: Your friends can follow your Job Board to stay updated on all the jobs you can refer them to, any time


2. A Different Way to Earn Referral Bonuses

If you have to choose between winning $2,000 once, or winning $500 ten times, which one would you go for?

Jobalaya gives you the chance to earn smaller amounts of referral bonuses with a lot more companies. How do we do this? Well, we turn talent search into a team effort!


3. Set Up a Company Account

If you’re an HR professional, you can now set up a company page, post jobs, add referrers, and track all their referrals using Jobalaya.

Here’s how Jobalaya can be helpful:

  • Custom-build a worldwide talent search network: Don’t turn to headhunters yet; put your existing network into good use with Jobalaya’s help
  • Sync up: The jobs you post will automatically sync with all of your referrers’ Job Boards.
  • Track and pay bonuses to all referrers: It’s not easy to pay people outside of your organization, so we’ll handle it for you


4. Search for Friends and Companies

You can see if your friends are on Jobalaya now through our search function. If they are, go ahead and follow their Job Boards, or ask them to make you part of their teams and earn bonuses together. You can also search for companies and request to join their referrer networks.


5. Tutorials!

We’ve also built in tutorials (in two different languages!) to help you find your way through the site.


That’s it for now! We’d love to hear from you, so if you have any feedback, comment, or question just reply directly to this email. Thank you!

Got a question? Feel free to contact us or follow our blog for more tips.

Ellie Chang
Ellie is the founder and CEO of Jobalaya. She is an advocate for diversity hiring and workplace inclusivity. She goes to karaoke, lego, or movies to decompress.