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6 Ways to Attract and Hire the Best Talent For Your Startup

Whether it's fundraising, product development, or growth, creating a strong team for your startup is one of the most important things you will do. In startup recruiting, attracting and hiring the best talent is critical to your success. But how can you accomplish this?
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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Remote Employees

In the world of startups, there are a number of difficulties related to growing a strong and well-functioning team. Emerging startups typically deal with limited capital and resources, so hiring a large team of in-house employees is generally not feasible.
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5 Creative Ways to Use Email Signatures

Have you ever spent time crafting an email that hits all the right points, is easy to read, and has a clear message, only to come to your email signature and think, 'why do I even bother having this?'
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How to Write Effective Recruitment Emails

As someone who is always on the lookout for new talent to join your company, you will likely have to write cold emails to recruit candidates, continue the application process by drafting a candidate interview invitation email, and unfortunately turn down applicants with rejection notices. These are so common that many recruiters keep email templates for each occasion.
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Behind the Scenes: An Introverted Headhunter

An introverted headhunter seems like an oxymoron, and that’s exactly what it is. Read on to find out how this seemingly unlikely combinator works in the context of your ability, preferences, and passion.
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